We come to you at a time when there is an increasing emphasis on saving energy costs, or the costs of construction, reconstruction, or modernization of an existing building. Do you want to manage reasonably with the costs and time needed to implement your plans, but at the same time maintain the health and emotional comfort of living? EkoSet Ltd. offers you a solution based on the optimal combination of cost, health and design solutions for the method of heating.

The mission of our company is to bring customers new, modern construction and heating technologies that will become their source of well-being, savings, health and heat. The values of EkoSet Ltd. are decency, health, ecology and energy saving.

EkoSet Ltd. is a manufacturer of top infrared heating systems EkoTherm and nfrared heating panel with LED lighting EkoThermLight

EkoSet Ltd. has a fifteen year tradition in the design, sale, installation, warranty and post-warranty service of infrared heating systems with more than 2000 installations as the main heating system in Slovakia. Our company will provide you with free advice, energy design, or electrical design, delivery of goods for construction, installation, warranty and post-warranty service.

Treat yourself with economical heating which is also beneficial for your health…

The product lines of EkoTherm infrared panels are characterized by timeless technology and construction using precious metals in the resistor (carbonless technology, also used in healthcare), which together with the glass surface achieve exceptional heat wave emissivity, with almost 100% efficiency, ideal ratio of healthy heat radiation and optimal wavelength.

It doesn’t end with production…

Other benefits from EkoSet Ltd .:

in the process of building the building you do not have to manage the gas connection, you do not need an additional chimney, boiler, pipes, radiators. The construction is significantly accelerated, simplified, the number of wet processes is reduced, the number of electrical connections (floor heating) is eliminated, and lower investment costs are reduced. Low-energy heating input puts the building in a more advantageous category in terms of energy certification of buildings.