Slovenský výrobca infračervených vykurovacích systémov

EkoTherm infrared panels represent a real revolution in home heating technologies. The significant advantages include modern design and easy installation of the system, which provides consumers with low heating costs. Infrared panels efficiently convert electricity into radiant heat.

EkoTherm infrared panels create homogeneous heat in the room, which has a beneficial effect on health, heats walls, floors and other objects. Infrared panels do not dry out the air, do not swirl dust and prevent moisture from settling on the walls. The design of the infrared panel is an inconspicuous, unobtrusive product.

The product lines of EkoTherm infrared panels are characterized by timeless technology and construction using precious metals in the resistor (carbonless technology used in healthcare), which together with the glass surface achieve exceptional heatwave emissivity, with almost 100% efficiency, an ideal ratio of healthy heat radiation and optimal wavelength.

These features of EkoTherm infrared panels ensure the long life of products with a five-year warranty, maintenance-free system throughout its life