Or how much do I pay for infrared heating?

By exact energy conversion, we will find out how much electricity you will use for heating in your house or apartment when using infrared panels.

EkoSet Ltd. works with a system of separate calculations for each project. Each property is individual not only in size, location in the region but mainly in thermal – technical parameters—computer software developed by EkoSet Ltd. currently used by more than 26 countries around the world.

Energy conversion of infrared panels is the company EkoSet Ltd. provided as a free and non-binding service, which results in: 

  • finding out the number and power consumption of infrared panels in each room separately
  • determination of the total installed power
  • calculation of the total estimated annual use of electricity for heating by infrared panels in kWh 
  • a more accurate estimate of the estimated annual heating costs price 
  • the offer of the heating system in the form of infrared panels

If you are interested, EkoSet Ltd. will also provide an electrical project for infrared heating:

graphical layout of infrared panels, thermostats and schematic representation of cable routes to the floor plan of the building, ie. display of the most optimal location of infrared panels in individual rooms to achieve the best radiation efficiency.

additional electrical project to the already existing project documentation. The project includes the placement of infrared panels and thermostats, cable routing. The complete documentation is prepared and signed by an authorized electrician.