Most heating systems heat the air using so-called flow that is continually moving and swirling dust. Thus, in the case of this type of heating, the structural elements of the apartment or house (e.g. walls) are always colder than the air in the room, which then circulates, dust swirls and steam condenses on the colder parts of the walls, creating favourable conditions for mould growth. The temperature difference between the floor and the ceiling, in this case, is approx. 7 ° C. Even at higher temperatures in the room, one feels cold from the walls. 


EkoTherm uses infrared radiation for indirect but more efficient space heating. With traditional heating, warm air flows up to the ceiling, and cold air remains lower to the floor. Radiators with a glass surface combine high-tech development with modern design and thus represent a state-of-the-art energy-saving system that delivers comfortable heat to the entire living or working space. Current models are designed for installation on the ceiling or wall and work with a power input of 230V. EkoTherm infrared panels are equipped with a wireless thermostat that controls the temperature. The unique wireless thermostat is programmed to continually monitor and possibly change the electrical consumption of the heating panel, thus saving energy consumption. One thermostat can control up to ten infrared panels. We offer affordable heating with continuous monitoring of energy consumption. Our system is easy to install, operate and has minimal space requirements. It is not necessary to burn fuels other than gas, diesel or wood – EkoTherm infrared heating is environmentally friendly, portable and maintenance-free. EkoTherm offers a flexible design so that your heating is exactly tailored to your ideas. A photo, artwork or your company logo can be printed on the glass surface of the panel.


The heating system of EkoSet SK Ltd. brings significant savings in household heating costs. Infrared panels can be installed anywhere in your home: in the living room, dining room, bathroom, sauna, garage or workshop. The panels can even be installed on plasterboard partitions due to their low weight. You can choose from a variety of sizes, as well as a variety of designs, colours or images to complete the style of your home.

Commercial premises
EkoSet SK Ltd. completes the modern look of offices, shops, restaurants or hotels. The thermostats can be set for different heating times during the day and can thus maintain a lower temperature during night hours or weekends.

Industrial premises
Infrared panels can also be used in garages, workshops, warehouses or production facilities.

Agricultural premises
Infrared panels of EkoSet SK Ltd. can also be used in agricultural areas – for example in poultry farming, stables, barns, greenhouses and other buildings.

Installation in the bathroom
Infrared panels are marked as IP50, which means that certain rules must be followed when installing in bathrooms and other areas with water sources. For example, when installed in a bathroom, the panel must be positioned so that its lower edge is further than 60 cm from the sink. This rule applies if you want to install a heating panel instead of a mirror above the sink. Similarly, if you want another panel in the bathroom, its frame must be at least 60cm from the edge of the bath or shower. If you wish to install the panel on the ceiling, it must be high enough, at least 225 cm from the bottom of the shower or bath. In all cases, make sure that the sockets in your bathroom have a circuit breaker to protect the electrical wiring.