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The climate in the room

  • The air remains clean – it will neither swirl nor be deoxygenated as is usual in the combustion process—besides, no burnt dust particles or harmful soot. What’s more, humidification is not necessary. We recommend it to all people who are allergic to dust or are particularly sensitive to airborne pollutants. By heating based on heatwaves, they can achieve a pleasant and healthy climate.
  • Scientific research has shown that infrared heat with a wavelength of 10,000 nm, also known as biogenetic, stimulates cell health. Biogenetic infrared radiation is not only activated by water molecules in the body but also causes them to resonate and ionize. This, in turn, stimulates and improves blood circulation and metabolism.

Positive health effects

  • increases the oxygen content in the blood
  • flushes out body fats, cholesterol, chemicals, waste products
  • reduces the pH value (lactic acids)
  • improves skin respiration
  • restricts the growth of bacteria
  • reduces muscle pain
  • accelerates cell regeneration

This results in the following uses:

  • alleviation of rheumatic pain
  • reduction of fat and cholesterol picture
  • reduction of lactic acid content during the cooling phase (infrasauna)
  • physiotherapy: heating and releasing the musculature
  • degradation of metabolic waste during the use of the infrared sauna (infrared saunas break down up to 25% of waste substances through sweat, sweating consists of 95-97% water when saunaed with hot air)

Patients with rheumatism are sensitive to drafts and relative humidity.
EkoTherm heating offers people suffering from asthma and rheumatism through similar conditions to alleviate their difficulties.

The objects are directly heated, so there are no irritations of the respiratory tract or eyes.
EkoTherm heating works quietly because it has no moving parts or liquid contents.