Solar heat for your home.

Heating based on heatwaves – NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN!

From time immemorial, humanity has been using and enjoying the pleasant infrared heat of the Sun. Heat wave-based heating is as old as the targeted use of fire by humankind. With a conscious return to the natural way of life and healthy living, long-forgotten heating methods are returning to our modern homes and apartments. New, based on heat wave-based systems, is the type and manner in which heatwaves are produced – namely through electricity. Utilizing thermally conductive non-metallic layers, clean, health-friendly and energy-saving heat is obtained.

EkoTherm offers you a pleasant feeling of warmth in the form of energy that the human body will appreciate physiologically, favourably and beneficially. This difference is caused by air.

Conventional radiators work by heating the air and only then heating the person and the environment around them through the heated air. Thus, in the case of this type of heating, the structural elements of the apartment or house (e.g. walls) are always colder than the air in the room, which then circulates, dust swirls and steam condenses on the colder parts of the walls, creating favourable conditions for mould growth. The temperature difference between the floor and the ceiling, in this case, is approx. 7 ° C. Even at higher temperatures in the room, one feels cold from the walls.

On the other hand, the principle of operation of infrared heating is wholly opposite and represents one of its main advantages. In infrared heating, the infrared panels transfer heat to the room by radiation, so the heating unit emits infrared heat waves. This energy is converted into heat when it encounters solid objects, which then serve as direct heat reservoirs and then transfer it to their surroundings. Thus, walls, floors, ceilings, etc. they can accumulate heat and secondarily return it to the heated space. It is the ability of building elements to collect heat that is the basic principle of infrared heating.

Pri využívaní infra kúrenia je práve vďaka princípu jeho fungovania možné vykurovať miestnosti na nižšiu teplotu pri zachovaní rovnakej úrovne tepelnej pohody ako pri použití iných systémov vykurovania, a tým dosahovať úspory na spotrebe elektrickej energie.

EkoTherm heating, what exactly is it?

Heating system with decorative radiators with glass surface and infrared heat.

Not a wave like a wave…

Like the sun in nature, the transfer of heat by EkoTherm heating panels takes place through thermal radiation. A technological novelty is a sealed carbonless conductor made of a precious metal alloy originating from many years of development. This produces heat waves with a high degree of efficiency and durability.“

Method of operation

  • the heating unit emits infrared heat waves
  • when heat waves encounter solid objects, they are converted to heat and partially reflected further
  • all solid objects serve as direct heat reservoirs and then transfer it to the surroundings

Heat transfer without energy losses

Electromagnetically generated heatwaves transfer heat energy without mediation and heat loss to all rigid bodies within their range. Optimal room temperature is achieved through the surface temperature of objects in the room. The „cause of losses“ in conventional heating systems – heat and water pipes, inlets, boiler rooms, chimneys, convectors, ventilation shafts – will be rationally eliminated.

SAV€ NOW 3x:

  1. installation costs
  2. energy costs
  3. repair and overhaul costs

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